Thursday, 6 September 2012


Paired with a pair of jeans, denim shorts or mini skirt, these are perfect for those lazy summer days. To keep it even more trendy try wearing a statement neck piece.

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Nothing screams summer like a colourful maxi dress, plus it adds an instant wow factor to any person be it short, tall, fat, thin, there's a version for your body shape out there! 


Wedges is owning the streets this summer, get  these beautiful yet surprisingly comfortable shoes in a colourful pair, a black pair, a neutral pair, and a printed pair and you'll be sorted for the whole summer.


The "Mullet" skirt as I like to call them, is also a must have for your summer wardrobe and actually are very easy to DIY,as I found out  last night, I wanted to wear my maxi skirt but thought it needed a fresh look so I  my scissors and just cut it in the same shape as the dip hem skirt, quickly hemmed it with my machine and voila! 


Collar pieces add something very extravagant to an outfit, paired with a a plain t, it can easily glam up an outfit in seconds!


This is the first post for 25 Must Haves for Summer be sure to check in tomorrow for no 6-10!

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